ArtBreak: A Platform Hosting Artists Globally

Today children are more fond of computer games and interactive tools and sites. Though playing video games is not bad however indiscriminate access to any kind of content can be harmful for your children. It is recommended that you should involve your children in healthier activities. And there is nothing better than involving your children in Art. Through Art your children can avail a lot of benefits. Let’s discuss the benefits your children will be able to collect:

Art work can develop creativity in your children, being creative is a big advantage in today’s world. Creativity means that your child can break the normal thinking patterns and think out of the box. According to one research, promoting art in children exposes them to attributes like originality and innovation. Both these attributes are critical for individual success.

Neural connections get encouraged through art. Children use all the major senses of their body when they are involved in an art related activity.

Things like gripping of the paint brush, cutting with scissors, drawing the lines and tearing of the paper require some serious coordination and dexterity. Doing these things actually enhances the motor skills of the children which itself is a great advantage to have.

Art develops problem solving abilities in your children. Art does not have any fix patterns which makes the children comfortable with uncertainty. This comfort actually helps the children to remain flexible.


ArtBreak is basically an annual event primarily known for its artistic achievements and programs. It is actually a festival that is being attended by more than 50,000 teachers, students and parents from Northwest Louisiana each year. The festival is held at the Shreveport Convention Center and is actually the largest student arts festival that is held in the southern United States.

ArtBreak is a complete package as far as performing art is concerned. Most of the art work in the festival has been produced by K-12 students of popular schools like Caddo and Bossier Parish

among the public ones. The event is attended by private schools too.  The festival is organized professionally and more than 100 different booths containing 2500 literary, original and visual artworks are exhibited. Three stages have also been setup where different student performances are held.

If you want to know more about ArtBreak, then visit their website, and you will obtain rich information. The ArtBreak is a perfect platform where you can introduce art to your children. You can get information about their upcoming events from their webpage. The events are held throughout the year.
Apart from ArtBreak, there are lot of other festivals coming up in 2017. Visiting these festivals will not only serve as a source of entertainment for you rather on the contrary it will also help you learn about Artwork as well.