The world is getting internet centric very quickly and in this digital age, the importance of being a digital artist cannot be overlooked. A Digital artist is a person who actually creates art professionally utilizing the digital and traditional elements and techniques and/or exhibit their artwork digitally.  The word Digital artist is huge and it involves all those people who are working or want to work as matte painters, storyboard artists, concept artists and 3D artists etc. Pursuing a career as a digital artist can provide you various benefits. But before jumping onto the benefits, we would like to give you an insight related to being a digital artist.


A Digital artist is a person who uses technology for their artwork. Apart from traditional art techniques digital artists professionally use different computer softwares in order to develop interactive website graphics, digital photographs and 3D animation. In most of the cases, the digital artists are seen working in software publishing companies, motion pictures and advertising companies.


Like any other professional career, some level of education is also mandatory for becoming a digital artist. As per the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 4 years of education in a relevant field is mandatory as far as pursuing a career as a digital artist goes. Proper courses related to digital imaging, digital illustration, computer software and animation design makes one eligible for digital artwork.


Apart from artistic skills, a digital artist must be well-versed in computer design programs. These programs include names like Photoshop and Adobe InDesign. Web design and marketing skills can also come in handy depending on the field.


Though you may have all the skills required for a digital artist however the most critical time of your career is your interview. Most of the graphic artists get rejected after being interviewed despite of the fact that they have the skills and experience. Make sure you have the interview potential. You can get relevant information about a professional interview from the internet. There are several tutorials available on the subject.


Now let’s look at some of the benefits which you can harvest as a digital artist. Some of them are briefly discussed in the headings below:


The biggest benefit which you can avail by becoming a digital artist is creativity. As a digital artist you express your level of creativity and at the same time earn a nice living. Digital artists earn well and perhaps this is the reason why people are shifting towards digital art instead of fine arts.


You have several tools and mediums at your disposal as a digital artist. The two greatest of these tools are web and print. These two tools also provide you with the opportunity to enhance your skill level which ultimately helps you in better career opportunities.


The importance of a digital artist cannot be overlooked. As a digital artist you will have a huge client base provided while you are working on your own. New Businesses are opening each passing day, and they will be coming to you for the development of their marketing materials and other art related stuff.


Nothing is better than working on your own. Since digital art is a skill, you can always use this skill for your own benefit. You do not need to look for a job rather you can work as a freelancer or setup your own business. Once you start earning profits, you can expand your work and may be purchase your own studio.



As mentioned already, you have plenty of job options available as a digital artist. There are thousands of jobs available for you but if freelance work does not attract you then you can also work as a full time employee and earn a lot of cash.

If you are skilled, the information in this article can motivate you towards the field of Digital Art. However one final thing which you should keep in mind is that art is all about passion. If you are lacking passion then pursuing a career in this field can be risky for you.