The First Social Media Dedicated to Art

The influence of social media has been huge, and in fact the inception of social media has brought a phenomenal change in our lives. Today Social Media platforms are crucial elements related to functioning of the society.  Social Media today is not only a source of entertainment, it has also become a significant leverage for businesses all over the globe. The biggest advantage of Social Media is the fact that people from all over the sphere can easily share their opinions, visions and hobbies very quickly with others. The influence of social media has been felt in every sector and one of these sectors is Art. We don’t have to forget that the development of new techniques and technologies can be easily shared through Social Media, and can help you with your artwork experiences.


Uart is a famous name when it comes to art. The website is the first Social Networking Platform that has been solely dedicated to art. Through this website you can get the most updated information about art exhibitions, art galleries and art works that are taking place all over the world. Since it’s a social website, artists from all the over the world can communicate with each other through this site and voice their opinions. Besides, Uart is a worthy platform for Art companies who want to market themselves and want to improve their image.


If you are someone who is well versed with social media websites then you do not need to worry because Uart website is similar to the other platforms. The interface of the website is neat and you can operate this site with ease. You surely need to make an account for yourself and you have to fill the basic credentials. After getting signed in, you will be welcomed by the homepage. On the right of your screen you will see the Uart map. Similarly on the left of the screen you will find the search toolbar too.

On the top of the page you can search tags and galleries. You only need to define the medium, region and activity that you are interested in. Through the right side of the tool bar you can go into your personal profile, where you will perform multiple tasks. Upon clicking the toolbar, four sections will get surfaced on the left of your screen. These include the following:

The first section is the “My Artworks” section, where all the artworks of different users get published. To get your artwork released, first of all you need to select your artwork and add relevant information pertaining to it. Lastly you need to locate your work on the map too.

The second section is “Timeline”. This is the section where you can share your key findings and your popular artworks.

The third section is “Network”. As the name suggests, this is the section where you discuss different things with members of the website.

The name of the last section is “About”. This is where you describe yourself, and what are the things which you like and dislike. The about section is totally up to you. You can add all the information you wish, having in mind that people will recognize you through your profile on social media platforms, so you must make your profile with utmost care. Through your about section, you will able to sell yourself.

You can know more about Uart by visiting their website. It is awesome and as an artist you will surely enjoy each and every aspect of it. There are other social networking websites related to art, but however Uart is the one that tops the list. Every artwork out there is unique and every artist has his own vision and thinking. Thanks to platforms like Uart, today we have the opportunity of observing all the great artworks from our computer screen daily in the comfort of your own home.