Best Social Networking Platforms

Today is the world of Internet and through internet a lot of things can be done cheaply and quickly. Promotion of Artwork is among these things. As an Artist rather than going for auctions you can post your artwork through social networks. There are a lot of social networks out there you can use for your advantage. The social media today has become a business tool and there are a lot of individuals and companies out there that are using it effectively to promote themselves.


Now let’s look at some of the social networks that are feasible for the promotion of your artwork.


In case of art promotion, the social network that tops the list is Instagram. Let’s look at some of the features which make Instagram good for art promotion.

  • Instagram gives you the option of visual based sharing
  • Users can discover new images by effectively utilizing the Hashtag system of Instagram.
  • Since Instagram is famous in the market, a big amount of third party applications are right there at your disposal.
  • Instagram is linked with Facebook which surely serves as an added advantage as far as art promotion goes.


Though the usage of Tumblr is much less as compared to Instagram however the site has the potential to make your Artwork viral. You can find some tools to promote your artwork among the ones listed below.

  • Tumblr provides you with the opportunity to customize and design your blog as you like.
  • Tumblr is mainly a media friendly platform which means that if the image, video or text posted by you is interesting then that post will become viral very quickly.
  • Since as a user you are allowed to use your own domain name your Tumblr account can be easily linked with your website.
  • There is no limit to page creation in Tumblr. As opposed to other platforms in Tumblr you can develop as many pages as you want. The creation of pages really helps you as far as promotion of artwork is concerned.


YouTube is a famous website and is primarily known for video sharing. However YouTube can also be used for the promotion of Art Work. Some of the features linked with YouTube are:

  • YouTube is a popular search engine and it is number 1 in video sharing.
  • You can create a YouTube channel of your own and YouTube University will give you ample support in this regard as well
  • Third party applications can be easily integrated into YouTube.
Though the mentioned platforms can be handy for you, however to get favorable results you need to learn the art of marketing yourself on social media. If you want to know about social media promotion techniques then check this one by DIY art career.