A True Social Network for Art Lovers
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A True Social Network for Art Lovers

The internet has transformed almost all the contemporary industries. Gone are the days when people used to go to art galleries in order to purchase the painting or artwork of their liking. Today we have online platforms where artists can auction their artwork and purchasers can buy it online. There are many art platforms available nowadays, however we will discuss here “ArtQuid”.  Before we jump on to the exact working of ArtQuid, we will first briefly see the profiles of the pioneers of this site.

The Founders of ArtQuid

ArtQuid has been founded by three different individuals. Let us talk about each of them under the following headings:


Rudolph van Valkenburg is the founder and CEO of ArtQuid. Rudolph has loads of experience related to the art market and based on this experience he actually founded ArtQuid back in the year 2006. Rudolph drives the company’s strategy, growth and vision to serve the global community of art lovers.


Sacbastien Fournier besides being co-founder is the CTO of ArtQuid. He worked previously in popular companies like Bouygues Telecom and Le Figaro. Sébastien Fournier started working in ArtQuid in 2014. His main job responsibility is to make the technical strategies of the organization. He has a large amount of skills in project management and software architecture.


Mickal Chrupek is the third co-founder and CSO of ArtQuid. He has ample experience in digital economy and he previously worked for Figaro Classifieds as a director. He joined ArtQuid in 2014 and is the main force in the company’s international growth.


As explained already ArtQuid is a platform where you can buy and sell art works and antiques. Art dealers, Artists and Individuals from all over the globe use this platform to develop their own private gallery, where people interested in their exhibits can easily

purchase the items from their respective locations. In simple words ArtQuid can be termed as the meeting point for sellers and buyers from all over the globe.

The privileged catalogue of the website provides a wide arch of opportunities to the sellers because the site reaches the international network of collectors and professionals.

On the other hand, the buyers can get fulltime information about the exhibits from this site. The information helps the buyers to make smart purchasing decisions. Buyers can browse the catalogue of ArtQuid and subsequently can search the items of their liking. And if a buyer likes a particular art work then he can directly contact the seller. The number of users of this platform are increasing day by day and ArtQuid is getting more popular day by day.


The interface of the website is user friendly, so operating the site would not be that difficult for you. However there are some key tools you can use to promote your artworks on the website are as follows:

  • Your advertisements can be translated and made available on both ArtQuid international as well as ArtQuid France.
  • Your ArtQuid Gallery can be indexed on top of popular search engines of the world
  • The contacts details as well as your website are available on your advertisements
  • You can display a video directly on your particular advertisement too.


Purchasing items is not that difficult through ArtQuid and most of it is done directly from the seller. As a buyer, if you are interested in a particular item then all you need to do is contact the seller by making use of the contact information given on the detail information of the item. Once the contact is established, the transaction takes place offline between both the parties.

ArtQuid is a complete package when it comes to online trading of Artwork. If you want to know more about ArtQuid then visit the company website for more information.