Amazing Social Networks for CG Artists

The social networking platforms related to art are many and there are high chances that you may have used some of these platforms already. In this article we will talk specifically with regards to CG art. In this short discourse we will share with you some of the most visited and highest valued websites related to CG art. The websites are discussed in the headings below are only a few examples of all the amazing CG art related websites you can visit:


Initially Behance was not popular however once it got purchased by Adobe; the website witnessed a dramatic change. Today Behance is the best as far as CG art is concerned. Through Behance you can also develop your own portfolio as well. You can develop your own portfolio for free. Since Behance is integrated with Creative cloud file Sync hence through it the creation of website becomes relatively easy. You can see brilliant works of different CG artists through this website. Behance is your ultimate guide if you want to learn professional art.


Twitter is well known social media website and is a worthy platform as far as CG art is concerned. Many CG artists have their accounts on Twitter. You can follow these artists and see their amazing works. Since Twitter allows only 140 characters hence you need to make your questions and answer as simple as possible.Though not popular as compared to other social media sites, still Twitter is not a bad option as far as CG art is concerned.


As the name suggests CG society is a complete network for people who are interested or are involved in CG art. The website is home to wide range of articles, tutorials and forums. The best part of CG society is that here the topics are divided into specific applications. The finest part of this platform is the Cinema 4D forum. In this forum most of the members are either plugin developers or leading artists. Other popular forums which you can access through this platform is 3DS Max and the Maya.


The 3D Total is very much similar to the CG society. The website has its origin in UK and the only difference between 3D Total and CG society is that the members in 3D total are much less compared to CG society. Lower number of members actually contributes to better conversation. The website has fair amount of member challenges and a wide amount of training material is also available.


As the name indicates the ZBrushcentral is a perfect platform for you if you want to know more about Zbrush. The website is home to knowledgeable community and is a perfect platform if you want free and professional training related to ZBrush. Top row of the page you can find the best artworks shared, do not miss them. Though you wll find ZBrushcentral difficult to operate in the beginning however with time you will learn how to use this site perfectly.


If you are someone who is interested in game and real time character development then PolyCount is the platform where you should immediately get yourself registered. The artist work on this website is awesome. The website is primarily related to game artists. It does not matter, whether you are a professional or hobbyist; PolyCount is a perfect website for you.


LinkedIn is not that much related to art as compared to some of the other websites available. However in LinkedIn you can find a variety of groups related to the CG art. The website is perfect for you if you are a freelancer. LinkedIn is primarily a business site and is ideal for you to use, if you are looking to create an efficient artist network for yourself. LinkedIn frequently gets updated with time and new tools are added in this site. These new tools can be utilized by you as far as effective networking is concerned.



Facebook cannot be ignored as far as social networking websites are concerned because it is a perfect platform for CG art. Here you can find a lot of pages and groups pertaining to CG art. You can create a wide variety of art contacts through Facebook too. Social networking on Facebook is an art itself which you need to learn if you want to be successful.

If you are interested in more social networks related to Art then check out Escape Emotions. The websites that have been mentioned here are very easy to use. You do not need to be a rocket scientists as far as operation of these websites are concerned. However effectively using these sites for your own advantage is an art for which you will require some hard work and practice. Soon or later, you will need to promote your artwork, and mastering social networks is what you need. Don’t waste time and start right now working in your social network profiles.