Contemporary Arts – Artists You Should Be Looking At In 2019

Contemporary Arts – Artists You Should Be Looking At In 2019

Every year the world of arts brings us new talents to look at and be delighted by. This year is not an exception, and these are some of the artists you should be looking at right now.

Like every selection it is leaving many amazing artists out but is still a great representation of the high-quality painters out there that are changing the art world for the rest of humanity.

Read on, search for them and let their work marvel you.

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Alyssa Monks

Sensual, complex and utterly talented.

Alyssa Monks is capable of painting a woman face under water and make us feel exactly that liquid pleasure she is feeling at that very moment.

The choice of colors and her hyperrealism are a killer combo to come up with some of today´s most revolutionary paintings.

A great example is her work called “Squid”.

Fabián La Rosa

Minimalism is La Rosa´s niche and he is very good at it.

His main weapons are light and shadow and he is able to convey all sorts of emotions and particularly strength on simple topics.

For example, in his work entitled “Juana” he painted his dog simply looking up but the use of light and shadow and the color palette give the dog a supplicant nature that brings you into the painting.

Minimalism at its best can be found in the hands of this one-of-a-kind artist.

Miriam Escofet

If you are into hyper realism, Miriam Eskofot is perhaps the best example of her generation.

Her award-winning painting 2018 BP Portrait is a perfect sample of her talent and the way she can convey the lights and shadows to paint a person of whom we can imagine emotions, thoughts and much more.

The light on the white porcelain and the expression on the old woman´s face is nothing short from amazing.

Yun sung Jang

The amazing drawings of this one-of-a-kind artist evoke the darkness of life and resolve in beautiful faces and perfect eyes.

The glances of the characters and the choice of darkness and light in his arts will take you to a different territory.

Also, his paintings of people and faces convey perfectly the attitude and feeling of each chosen person in the every art.

The use of colors is also a very unique way this painter and drawer can evoke feelings and environments.

Zoey Frank

As mundane as Zoey Frank´s scenes can seem to you, the way she uses color patterns takes the quotidian to the next level.

She favors colors and energetic composition that let the mind of the viewer be attracted by the feeling rather than perfecting every shape. The keywords for her art are harmony, color and spirit. You can follow her on social media to see all the work she constantly posts and that has granted more than 40,000 followers on Instagram.


This is only our take on new art that is flooding the world this year. Get to know these artists and let them take you to their peers. Art is everywhere, don´t miss out!