Social Networks That Can Boost An Artist’s Creativity
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Social Networks That Can Boost An Artist’s Creativity

In many cases, artists think that spending time updating and sharing in the different social networks has no benefit. They do not understand the importance of social media for their professional projection. The reality is that a good online presence can open up many avenues and gain greater visibility.

According to the latest IAB Spain study on the use of social networks, 81% of Internet users between the ages of 16 and 55 use social networks, representing more than 15 million users in the country who connect an average of three hours daily.

At present, it is essential to have an adequate presence in all social media networks as well as a web page.

Why Social Media?

The best-rated networks are Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram. It should not be forgotten that the categories most followed by users are culture, technology, and fashion. People love good art projects, which is a very positive point for all artists.

At present, it is essential to have an adequate presence in all social media networks as well as a web page.

It is crucial that artists are aware that spending time on the online image is not sacrificing moments dedicated to the creation, but invested in learning, sharing, knowing and generating contacts. Being in the social networks originates identity, presence, and audience. We are investing in ourselves since we not only generate engagement with our fans but possible clients too.

Proper management of social networks can help us find projects, clients, and contacts; provided that it is performed appropriately. It is necessary to be consistent and show your own artistic work that impacts. It is fascinating to seek the interaction of users through concrete activities such as virtual forums, web conferences or contests.

Niche social networks & video websites


YoungPerps Community

Comminutes these days are very niche-oriented. It means it’s not Facebook or Twitter that brings together the people interested in the same subject. Take a look at example of YoungPerps – this community has been just built and it gathers lovers of gay videos with fantasy scenario of perpetrators getting caught. It’s simple idea, it’s very taboo, but it’s very niche as well. This is why it brings people interested only in such subject.

The first step is to create accounts, profiles or pages.

Social Media For A More Significant Online Presence

Knowledge and inspiration is the engine of an artist’s life. It is necessary to remove the fear of sharing and making them known. It is imperative to understand that we must open the culture to the digital world and at the same time, take advantage of what we can bring.

Doing it well requires strategy, clear objectives, and constant measurement.

The first step is to create accounts, profiles or pages. Managing everything involves a lot of effort, so it may be interesting to hire an online marketing agency to take care of it; an investment that can be highly rewarded if we achieve greater projection of our artistic career.

It also helps us to position ourselves in the market.

What Are The Best Social Networks To Succeed If You Are An Artist?

In addition to the most popular ones such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google+ and Instagram, there are others that are more linked to the specific activity of the artist.

Here are the Top 5 social networks for Artists:

  • Snapchat: It is a network that is currently sweeping the younger audience. It is interesting to take into account to offer the most fun and outgoing side of an artist. Many celebrities use this app to improve their personal
  • Behance: It is presented as a platform to show our work to potential clients, collectors or other artists. Of course, do not expect to make gold with this network, although it can help you get your way.
  • Pinterest: It is basically a visual tool. It is followed by an audience that seeks inspiration. A highlight of Pinterest is that it is the social network that generates more referential traffic, that is to say, the one that carries the most traffic to our website. This is fantastic to know in depth the work of an artist. It is not necessarily a community to get viral. If the content is good, they will go viral beyond the community. Although other social networks also offer that possibility, Pinterest is more likely to get it.
  • Domestika: Here, you can exchange knowledge, look for jobs or projects, do courses, etc. In short, you can learn, share knowledge and promote your creative work.
  • Vimeo: This social media network allows you to create a channel of videos on the Internet and share it with the users. Unlike YouTube, it does not support advertising, which gives it a very professional profile.

Therefore, remember that if you are not on the internet, you do not exist.