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Online Trends & Inspiration – 2018

With so many activities online, we catch and describe the most exciting trends in our web culture. Below you will see the most interesting ones!


FamilyDickFamilyDick – get ready to experience what’s real step-family love between male members of it. Family Dick is taboo fantasy project that exploded in LGBT communities. It’s taking a new approach to these sexual relations that shouldn’t really happen!

Top Websites to Showcase Your Portfolio of Art

Nowadays we have online platforms through which you can easily auction your Artwork. A popular name in this domain is Art Quid. However through this article we will clarify to you the fact that there are lots of art-related websites that you can use to your advantage.

MyFamilyPies – Step Families On A Heat!

This mega-popular series is making its debut on ArtWeen network. To be quick. What is MyFamilyPies? Well, name might be a bit misleading but it’s all about sexual relations between step-family members. Can you imagine the possibilities? Step-fathers, step-sisters, step-brothers, step-moms… Basically everything is possible. Taboo and fantasy approach definitely helped to make this website an actual adult entertainment fun!

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