The Most Exciting Art Shows That Took Place Around The World In 2017

The Most Exciting Art Shows That Took Place Around The World In 2017

Art Shows Can Be an Expert-Only Rendezvous or an Exciting Event for Thousands of Attendees, Let´s Take a Look at Those Who Dare to Break the Expert-Only Barrier and Brought Art to the Eyes of a Wider Audience Last Year.


Brother Crush – Touching The Taboo Step Family Subject

Brother Crush - Official Logo

Brother Crush – Official Logo

The series called Brother Crush is scheduled to be launched sometime this summer and it’s going to go live worldwide at the same time. The subject of them website seem to be clear – gay sexual relations between step brothers living in new family. It’s a taboo subject that’s been discussed over and over again in LGBT communities, now becoming more mainstream. The result of the talks is this fantasy porn website. We don’t have a clear date of the launch, but the website dedicated to all the videos is already live –


Ronald Ventura Shadow Forest – Encounters And Explorations

Worldwide acclaimed, Filipino artist Ronald Ventura presented at the Metropolitan Museum of Manila between January 30th and March 4th, 2017 a ground-breaking exhibition curated by Patrick Flores and mixing every-day elements such as graffiti and pop art with more abstract, figurative sculptures and images. There were some very sensitive pieces that elevated the author´s status even one step more by bringing folklore and art to global issues such as the depletion of natural resources, and global warming among many others. The presence of Roland Ventura in the world of art is very important because he is a restless, ever-evolving artist who literally can´t stop creating and is both: a very intimate hermit and a very conscious global citizen.


Dutch Masters From The Hermitage: Treasures Of The Tsars, Amsterdam

This remarkable exhibition has a very important detail that deserves to be pointed out, it is open until May 2018, so there´s a chance to still go and see it. It takes place at the Hermitage Museum in beautiful Amsterdam, Holland. The paintings are from the St. Petersburg Collection, which is worldly known and the painters (50 different artists) are Dutch who made their careers far from their homeland and is a way of “bringing the Golden Age of Dutch painters back home” 250 years after. The total amount of paintings exhibited is 63 and involves some gems like five original Rembrandts.


Carolee Schneemann: Kinetic Painting

This is a retrospective exhibition of the world-acclaimed artist Carolee Schneemann and reminds all visitors why she is such a revered art-personality and why we all love art so much. The construction of her own body, as well as a more feminist approach to the role of the woman in society, positioning herself as a model for increasingly complex artwork, can be seen throughout her six-decade career. She started in the 1950s as a more traditional artist and by the 1960s was integrating mechanical objects into her artwork and was considered a fundamental part of New York´s Avant Garde art scene. MoMA PS1 offers a very well-organized run through her career reaching the increasing multimedia-led installations that took place in the 1990s and 2000s.

Latin America

Les Visitants

This is a special art exhibition and it was displayed at the CCK in Buenos Aires with a multi-disciplinary approach that involved artists such as David Lynch, Patti Smith, Douglas Gordon and Nan Goldin among others. The Argentinian Guillermo Kuitca curated all activities and among the main attractions was an installation called “David´s Living-room Revisited”, which was an intimate space with a hybrid approach between visual arts, theatre and poetry since it was based on David Lynch drawings, performed by Kuitca and with texts written and read by Patti Smith.