MAFIE FLY (layug)


MAFIE FLY (layug)


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Network : Contemporary Art


hi! there. im no professional..but i hope to share my love for beauty . May God bless us all!ADD ME ON FACEBOOK!!/profile.php?id=100001509071229

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  • Peter Ahlberg

    Tue.31 Mar from Peter Ahlberg (Individual, Sweden )
    Hello, my name is Peter Ahlberg and Im the founder of, which is a new and open art arena for artists, musicians and photographers worldwide. What we do is to help artists promote their work without any cost for an international audience. And we are trying to become a better option for artists to promote their work without having to register for any account. We pride ourselves of being the Instagram and Pinterest of the art industry, and hope to hear from you and publish your work on our site. Thanks, freeofall

  • gilbert raguenez

    Fri.3 May from gilbert raguenez (Artist, France )
    Bonjour Mafie, J' ai reçu votre invitation et j'accepte avec grand plaisir. Voulez vous ètre mon amie sur facebook? Votre galerie est très belle.

  • ken Pammen

    Mon.5 Mar from ken Pammen (Artist, United Kingdom )
    Thankyou Mafie, Good to hear from you and thankyou for your invite. I enjoyed your art wowee! Onwards and upwards, More of your art please.All the best KEN

  • Phil Blann

    Mon.5 Mar from Phil Blann (Artist, United Kingdom )
    thanx for the kind words. hopefully i'll be able to sell some. check BlannArt over on facebook and share with your friends list

  • carlous Carlous Palmer

    Mon.13 Feb from carlous Carlous Palmer (Artist, United States )
    Nice work Your request is accepted and greatly appreciated FANTASTIC

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