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Sublime and Hidden

This three-week long exhibition celebrates the work of Kuwaiti artist Hameed Khazaal. The exhibition will feature several paintings from two different period of artist’s career 80’s and 00’s and it will be his first SOLO exhibition in last 8 years. United by common idea all paintings are an exploration of symbols and forms, an intimate trip inside human emotions, subconscious or unconscious, caught and reinterpreted by artist. Hameed Khazaal (b.1951) is the most iconic Kuwaiti artist of his generation and postmodern Kuwaiti art movement. Graduated in the College of Fine Art in Cairo in 1981, artist, sculptor, printmaker, philosopher and writer he dedicated his entire life to development of his visual style and to promotion of art and culture in Kuwait.

AL M. Gallery - Sublime and Hidden Surface : Painting, Year : 2005, Size : 67x51cm, Certification yes, Signature yes .
  • Bright

    Hameed Khazaal

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