Millstead Angela


Millstead Angela

Kansas City
United States

Movement :

Network : Contemporary Art


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  • Peter Ahlberg

    Tue.31 Mar from Peter Ahlberg (Individual, Sweden )
    Hello there, my name is Peter and I am the founder of which is an international art academy for talented artists, musicians and photographers. And the basic idea is that we want to promote talented and creative people and their work for a global audience. We do so by letting artists, musicians and photographers contact us with samples from their work and if they pass our criteria of truly being artistic we then publish them for our followers to view. Even though we only been online for less than a week we have already helped one artist to sell one work by using our site, and the only thing we do is to act as a bridge, so please check us out if you are interested. Thanks, freeofall

  • Wed.26 Mar from sebastien plaziat (Artist, France )
    Dear Artist, After discovering your work and talent, I took the liberty to contact you in order to offer our services. Our online magazine My Artzine is specialized in Art, Design and Interior Design. Also, we would like to write an article about you and your work that perfectly matches our editorial line. Your article will thus be submitted to our readership made of tens of thousands loyal readers. We can also include pictures of your work linked to your website and social networks in order to turn this article into an efficient selling tool. Actually, this would help you raise both your recognition and your visibility, as well as boosting sales. If you are interested, we still have availabilities for the months of April or May. We have just launched a special discount offering the writing and publication of an article on our front page for 150 € instead of 250€. Be sure of our strong interest in your work and of the trust we put in your success. Please do not hesitate to contact us should you request any further information. With our best regards, Sebastien Plaziat My ArtZine - Guest Relation Team +33 6 43 88 09 26 / +33 1 450 450 00

  • Vazquez king gustavo

    Fri.10 Feb from Vazquez king gustavo (Artist, Spain ) España

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