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Erika was born and raised in Toronto. She is a graduate from the University of Waterloo from the Honours Fine arts program specializing in oil painting........Erika paints Japanese celebrities simply because she has been fascinated by them and their culture since she was young. Often times when the people in the west think about Japanese celebrity they associate the culture with stereotypical items such as kimonos and geishas. In Erika's paintings, she reference western (and eastern) advertisng strategies used in billboards, commercials, and magazine to perpetuate celebrity. Erika use pop-art techniques for her painting to emphasize her commentary while, at the same time, exaggerating the association to advertising. Erika uses designs that are found on kimonos as her background, specifically the type of kimono called the Furisode - often only worn on traditional Japanese social events. It stands out the most compared to all other types of kimonos through its bold colours andvariety of designs. In her paintings, she juxtapose and mash up these colourful designs that are traditional Japanese elements with pop culture and advertising.

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  • animation carnival ac satya shah

    Fri.11 Jan from animation carnival ac satya shah (Student, India )
    Hello Artist, I Am from "Animation Carnival" India Check Out the New Website in Art World “Animation Carnival” Http://Www.Animationcarnival.Com/Home.Aspx Https://Twitter.Com/Anim_Carn Http://Www.Facebook.Com/Groups/Animationcarnival/

  • Amylee Art Design

    Thu.23 Jun from Amylee Art Design (Artist, France )
    Great portraits !!! I love the last one Hamasaki Ayumi.

  • Amylee Art Design

    Thu.23 Jun from Amylee Art Design (Artist, France )
    Great portraits !!! I love the last one Hamasaki Ayumi.

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